wedding CAKES 

It's your 5-year anniversary. 

the kids are away with the in-laws.

you're ready to eat your original wedding cake with your spouse.

After moving aside the frozen vegrtables and dino nuggets, you find your ORIGINAL WEDDING CAKE! You open it up, and it still looks amazing. You and your spouse look at eachother, smiling, remembering the day you met with Jon and our staff at Bearded Baking Co, and then gleefully enjoy a bite that takes you back to the I Dos, family, friends a little bit of drink-assisted-dancing and the happiest moments of your life.

This is what a wedding cake is supposed to be and at Bearded Baking Co, we’ve spent years perfecting our wedding cake designs to do just that. We invite you to browse our portfolio below, or come into our Bakery to peruse and talk about ideas and possibilities. We’ll help you through the process to ensure your cake is everything you adore, and more, just like your spouse-to-be.

Our Wedding Cakes start at $5/serving and can be delivered for an additional service cost.

let's get some info about your special day!

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